Saturday, May 16, 2015

His name is Rocky.

We decided that we can name the little boy and not adopt him. His name is Rocky, as he has had to fight for his survival. Rocky is a special dog. He is very small, less than a pound and a half. Stands about 6 inches to his shoulder in height. When he runs, he bounces. He plays with pretty much any toy he can get his mouth around. Loves to bounce backward and forward. Occasionally, he will bark for no reason.

The last week that Bella (II) was here, we noticed that she seemed scared to be in the crate at night. Viewing the camera, I saw her tongue hanging out and she would stare at a side of the crate, then move and stare at a different side. This would go on for a couple of hours before she would sleep. I took her and Rocky to bed with me and they both settled down immediately and would sleep the almost the whole night. Bella would sleep at my feet and then eventually move to my stomach and curl up against me. Rocky, would sleep between my body and arm, under the covers.

Bella (II) has now found her forever home. Rocky is still coming to bed with me. His behavior is unique. He does not try to explore the house as all the other dogs have done. Instead he will only explore a little and stays in the room. Our ritual of going to bed, means that we go outside for him and then he is left in the bedroom while I go to the bathroom. He will follow me to the bathroom. Then quickly runs back to the entrance of the bedroom and wait patiently for me to return. Once in bed, he plays bite my face off. Thankfully, this is changing to lick my face off. This lasts about 5 minutes and then he lays on my shoulder with his head resting on my neck, while I read. When done reading, I will slide him down between my arm and body. He will sleep curled up next to me. If he needs to go outside, he will wake me by licking me on my lips.

I am spoiling him and am enjoying every moment.

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