Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bella (II) is available.

We returned Bella to the Sacaramento SPCA today and she is available for adoption. She is such a loving little dog, am very hopeful she finds her forever home very soon. Bella loved to play with our Buster. She has more energy than he does and would tire him out. When watching her from the camera in the pen at night, she appeared to be scared. Decided to let her sleep with me the last few nights. She was so much more comfortable and would curl up at the foot of my bed and go right to sleep. At some point in the night she would move up to my stomach and curl up against me. If she was cold, she would nuzzle the blankets and work her way under them. Crawling down my back and curling up against me. She did all this very quietly and would go right to sleep. In the morning, she would crawl out and off the bed, then sit next to the door waiting quietly for me to let her outside.

Bella loved her puppy and took good care of him. He is still with us. We have not named him out of fear of falling to in love with him and then keeping him.

If you know of someone that would love to have a companion they can take almost anywhere with very little fuss, this could be the perfect match.

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