Saturday, May 16, 2015

His name is Rocky.

We decided that we can name the little boy and not adopt him. His name is Rocky, as he has had to fight for his survival. Rocky is a special dog. He is very small, less than a pound and a half. Stands about 6 inches to his shoulder in height. When he runs, he bounces. He plays with pretty much any toy he can get his mouth around. Loves to bounce backward and forward. Occasionally, he will bark for no reason.

The last week that Bella (II) was here, we noticed that she seemed scared to be in the crate at night. Viewing the camera, I saw her tongue hanging out and she would stare at a side of the crate, then move and stare at a different side. This would go on for a couple of hours before she would sleep. I took her and Rocky to bed with me and they both settled down immediately and would sleep the almost the whole night. Bella would sleep at my feet and then eventually move to my stomach and curl up against me. Rocky, would sleep between my body and arm, under the covers.

Bella (II) has now found her forever home. Rocky is still coming to bed with me. His behavior is unique. He does not try to explore the house as all the other dogs have done. Instead he will only explore a little and stays in the room. Our ritual of going to bed, means that we go outside for him and then he is left in the bedroom while I go to the bathroom. He will follow me to the bathroom. Then quickly runs back to the entrance of the bedroom and wait patiently for me to return. Once in bed, he plays bite my face off. Thankfully, this is changing to lick my face off. This lasts about 5 minutes and then he lays on my shoulder with his head resting on my neck, while I read. When done reading, I will slide him down between my arm and body. He will sleep curled up next to me. If he needs to go outside, he will wake me by licking me on my lips.

I am spoiling him and am enjoying every moment.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Bella (II) Adopted.

It appears Bella (II) was adopted today at the Sacramento SPCA (SSPCA), during the "Road to the Puppy Bowl" by the Animal Planet promotion. Am elated that Bella was adopted. Her new forever family is very lucky. She is a great companion and will make a fantastic addition to their family. Bella is almost 1 1/2 years old. When the SSPCA took her in, they had no idea she was pregnant. On March 13th, she gave birth to 3 puppies. Only 1 has survived. That puppy is now only 8 weeks old, 20 ounces and very small. He is doing well. (Sleeping in my lap as I write this post.)

All animals that are adopted during this promotion are free, i.e. no adoption fee for adopting families. The fee is paid by Animal Planet. This is a great deal for anyone adopting a new family member. The promotion and good will that the SSPCA receives are very good things. This promotion will help them to save many more animals and hopefully slow down what seems like an ever increasing population of dogs and cats.

The Front Street Animal Shelter's posted this story on their Facebook page. I have no idea if the story is true or not, but am sure there are many families similar to the one illustrated. Most of us tend to value that which we work for more than that which is given to us. For this reason, it bothers me that some people might interpret this promotion to mean the animal they adopt has less value and maybe more disposable. Paying a fee to adopt, seems to start off the process with an understanding of responsibility for the animal. Adopting a dog or cat into a family really does need to be seen as a major undertaking for that family. This animal could be with you for 20 years. They will not be the same experience tomorrow as they are today.

In 2006 we adopted Rosie from the SSPCA. She was a 6 1/2 year old German Shepherd / Rottweiler mix. She had been through at least 2 shelters and available for adoption for more than 9 months. Because of her situation, the SSPCA waived the adoption fee. We did not ask for and did not want the discount. We donated the fee to the SSPCA. Rosie was a wonderful part of our family for many years. We will always remember and love her.

Can only hope that the lucky family that adopted Bella understands the commitment they are undertaking. The long term love, affection and companionship that Bella has to offer is well worth all the costs.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Stray Dog Update

Several weeks ago we found a stray dog roaming our street. You can read about our finding him here. What I did not say was that he was neutered and his nails were well trimmed. Overall, this dog looked well taken care of and must have a family that loved him. When this dog met our Buster, his whole demeanor changed. His ears perked up, he stood taller and his tail wagged and pointed up. When Buster was not around, the ears went down, his stance was lower and his tail was tucked between his legs. He would still lick my face and be very loving.

He did have a limp and I wanted a vet to see him. We had to take him to Front Street Animal Shelter. He touched my heart and each day I checked the First Street Shelter website to see when he would be available for adoption or better yet be returned to his family. Today, he was not listed anywhere. I do not know what happened to him. Can only hope his family found him.

It is time to hug our dogs and be thankful we have them.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bella (II) is available.

We returned Bella to the Sacaramento SPCA today and she is available for adoption. She is such a loving little dog, am very hopeful she finds her forever home very soon. Bella loved to play with our Buster. She has more energy than he does and would tire him out. When watching her from the camera in the pen at night, she appeared to be scared. Decided to let her sleep with me the last few nights. She was so much more comfortable and would curl up at the foot of my bed and go right to sleep. At some point in the night she would move up to my stomach and curl up against me. If she was cold, she would nuzzle the blankets and work her way under them. Crawling down my back and curling up against me. She did all this very quietly and would go right to sleep. In the morning, she would crawl out and off the bed, then sit next to the door waiting quietly for me to let her outside.

Bella loved her puppy and took good care of him. He is still with us. We have not named him out of fear of falling to in love with him and then keeping him.

If you know of someone that would love to have a companion they can take almost anywhere with very little fuss, this could be the perfect match.

Friday, May 1, 2015

2015 Doggy Dash

SPCA Foster/Rescue Squad!

It is time to plan for the Sacramento SPCA 2015 Doggy Dash. Saturday, June 6, 2015, William Land Park. Missy, Buster, Gloria and I will be a part of the Foster/Rescue Squad. This will be our third year walking. It is always a lot of fun and great time to meet fellow foster parents. Please, join and/or help support us.