Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Found Dog Male Pit/Mix Brindle Coloring

Yesterday, we noticed this dog on our neighbor's porch. He was just sitting on the porch with no collar. We had never seen a dog at their house. About 3PM we put our dogs into the car and were headed to the dog park. Now, the dog walked down the yard and towards someone walking along the street. The person kept on walking and the dog slowly started walking up the street. I followed him and tried to get him to come to me. He did cross the street but it was clear he was scared. Gloria came out with treats. As soon as we could get close enough to grab him, he would run back into the street. Disrupting the after school traffic. Many people tried to drive around other cars that were stopped for the dog. Some even honked their horns. All this panicked the dog. He ran further and further away. As our dogs where in the car, we choose to leave him and continue to the dog park.

When we returned from the dog park, this stray dog was back on the porch. We waited until we knew the neighbor was home. Gloria, went to talk the neighbor and the dog slowly walked off the porch. However, this time she was prepared with a bowl, dog food, leash and collar. Gloria knocked on the door and the neighbor opened the door, but just a crack. Apparently, the neighbor had fed the dog and she was scared of him. By this time the dog had approached Gloria from behind and was sniffing the dog food. Gloria told the neighbor we would take the dog and what was needed for him. She turned, slid the collar over the dog's head and walked him home.

We fed him and setup a bed in my office. He was still scared, but now he was licking my face and just wanted a little love. He slept all night in my office, away from all the other dogs. He never made a sound and no accidents.

He has been camera shy, and would not let me take his picture. Several times today, I took him out side and locked the other dogs in the house. Late this afternoon, he walked up to a sliding glass door, on the other side was Buster and Missy. They really wanted to meet this new guy. Apparently, he wanted to meet them too. I allowed Buster to come out first. Buster growled a little. But, both dogs had their tails wagging and seemed to want to play. This is looking very good. Tomorrow, we are going to the take this stray to the Sacramento First Street Shelter and have him checked out for a microchip and hopefully some kind of vet check. He really is a very sweet loving dog.

Tomorrow, should be a busy day we are also scheduled to take Bella (II) and her puppy in for their first check-up since we started fostering them. Bella and her puppy are doing very well. The little puppy is trying to eat everything, including Bella's food. Don't forget to check them out on our foster web cam.

UPDATE 4/15/2015: This friendly stray dog is now at the Front Street Animal Shelter. He does not have a microchip. When he was around our dogs it was amazing to see his demeanor change from scared to happy confident dog. In the two days we took care of him, he impressed us as being a very well behaved and loving pet. He truely deserves a great forever home. We hope he finds his family or at least finds a new forever home.

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