Monday, March 2, 2015

Bella the Bulldog.

This is Bella. A 6 year old Bulldog mix and weighs 38 lbs. We were told she is recovering from kennel cough. However, I think she is recovering from the kennels. The first day (last Tuesday, February 24th) she would not stop running. It took her a couple of days to calm down. She is much better now. Although, she still loves to keep moving. Cannot believe she is 6 years old. She acts more like a puppy. Loves to chew on almost anything. She and Buster (he is 2 years old) play until they drop.

She is incredibly loving. One of her favorite things to do is lean into you and lick/nibble on your neck and ear. If you let her, she will put a paw on each shoulder and just nibble your ear. She is very smart and knows her name and some simple commands. Loves to go for walks. She really wants to please and be with you.

UPDATE: Bella will be available for adoption late today (3/13/2015) at the Sacramento SPCA. Please, help this very sweet and loving dog find her forever home. She will reward her family with lots of love and licks.

UPDATE: OMG! We were driving home from dropping off Bella at the SPCA and Gloria told me that Bella had been listed on the web site (2:30PM). We thought that was very fast. NOW at 4:45PM it appears our Bella has been adopted. That is the fastest any of our fosters have been adopted. Well someone has a wonderful new family member with loads of personality. Congratulations Bella.

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