Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sometimes fostering can hurt.

Last Friday was bitter sweet. We woke to a lethargic cold puppy, that was not eating. Another puppy was also not eating. She, at least, was moving and warm. Rushing to Sacramento SPCA we picked up formula and a bottle to feed the puppies. Unfortunately, a few minutes into feeding this cold little puppy, he past away in my hands. I had to go to my daughter's wedding later that day. Gloria stayed home and continued to bottle feed the other puppy. The wedding was wonderful, seeing these two people who are so in love, starting a great new chapter filled my heart. At the wedding I made a fool of myself hugging my family.

Today, Sunday, after 2 days of bottle feeding this tiny girl, she past away in Gloria's hand. We both could not be more heart broken. Our poor mama, Bella, is looking all over for her two missing puppies. She has one left. Fortunately, he seems to be a fighter and is twice the weight of the first two, at about 6 ounces. He still has a tough battle ahead. His mama, Bella, does not seem to be producing much milk. She has kennel cough, too. Needless to say we are keeping a close eye on both of them.

It has to get better.

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