Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sheba AKA: Queen (of) Sheba


Sheba is the smallest (not including new borns) and oldest foster we have had in our home. Most of the animals we foster are very inquisitive and explore everything. Sheba is happy sitting in my lap and getting lots of pets. If I have to move, she will follow me. Gloria has already told me that I am spoiling her. As I type this post, she is sleeping in my lap. Have said I would not like a little yappy dog. Sheba is just that, minus the yappy. She is very easy going dog and I am loving her. This is a very loving and easy going dog. Whomever is lucky enough to adopt her is going to have a wonderful companion.

The other dogs want to play with her, but she is ignoring them. Think Buster (our dog) is used to playing with puppies. While she is smaller than the puppies, she doesn't play like them. It is very nice to not have my shoe laces and clothes chewed up. I can sit in a chair with her and know I won't be running around the house, a moment later, to find her.

Sheba is Chihuahua, short coat, mix that is 10 years old and weighs 5 lbs. After a few days, she has shown us that she is house trained and comes to her name. She will be with us for about 2 weeks while she recovers from kennel cough and surgery. She had most of her teeth removed, due to decay. We started fostering her on Thursday, January 29, 2015.

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